Dinner Entrees

Full Trays serves 20+ people   Half Trays serves 10+people

Penne Ala Vodka w/ Chicken                 $95.95/49.95              Includes penne, Santo's signature vodka sauce and sautéed chicken             

Baked Ziti                                                  $75.95/39.95

    baked ziti in tomato sauce, covered in fresh mozzarella

Meatballs                                                   $85.95/45.95

    Santo's homemade meatballs in tomato sauce    

Lasagna                                                      $95.95/49.95

    One of his signature dishes, the lasagna is piled high with layers of fresh ricotta, pasta, bolongese sauce and fresh mozzerella 

Chicken Francese                                      $95.95/49.95

    Chicken breast battered in flour and egg, pan fried and covered in a creamy, lemon butter, white wine sauce

Chicken Marsala                                       $95.95/49.95

    Pan fried chicken breast covered in marsala wine sauce with mushrooms

Chicken Parmesan                                    $95.95/49.95

    Breaded chicken breast baked with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Chicken Cacciatore                                   $95.95/49.95

    Chicken breast in a red sauce with sautéed peppers and mushrooms seasoned with rosemary

Mussels  Marinara                                    $119.95/69.95

    Fra Diavolo (spicy) optional

Linguini  with Red or White Clam          $119.95/69.95

    Includes linguini and red or white clam sauce

Sausage, Peppers & Onions                    $95.95/49.95

        sautéed in a marinara sauce

Eggplant Rollatini                                     $95.95/49.95

​    Santo's favorite dish! Fresh baked eggplant filled with ricotta cheese, smothered in tomato sauce and covered with fresh mozzarella

Eggplant Parmesan                                   $95.95/49.95

    Battered eggplant, piled high, lasagna style with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce


Salads and Appetizers

Italian or  Caesar Salad                             $44.95/22.95

Chef Salad                                                   $74.95/39.95

Antipasto                                                      $84.95/42.45

Wings                                  80pc/$79.95   40 pc/$39.95

Garlic Knots                                                 $44.95/22.95

Bruschetta                                                     $59.95/29.95

3-6 Footlong Sandwiches  


American                                                       $20.95/ft

Italian                                                            $25.95/ft


Package #3

For 100 People

One 3 Foot Italian Sandwich

One 3 Foot American Sandwich

One Full Tray Italian Salad

Two Trays of Chicken

(your choice)

One Tray Baked Ziti

One Full Tray Stuffed Shells

One Tray Eggplant Parmesan

One Tray Sausage & Peppers

One Tray of Penne Vodka

Four Trays of Garlic Knots


**No substitutions

   Package #1    

For 25 People

One 3 Foot Italian Sandwich

One Full Tray of Italian Salad

One Full Tray of Baked Ziti

Half Tray of Chicken Parmesan

Half Tray of Sausage & Peppers

Full Tray Garlic Knots



**No substitutions                    

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Santo's Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant

​​​CAtering menu

Santo' offers the finest catering service in the area. 

 Santo's amazing food is what he is known for. He offers catering from a small family event to a large corporate function, there isn't a celebratory event he won't cater to.  You can order from our catering packages or customize a menu to fit your needs. You bring the people and we will bring the feast.

Off Premise Catering

Pick Up Service- All food and additional items will be ready for easy transportation to your home or event location.

Full Delivery & Set Up Service - All food and additional items will be delivered to your home and set up by our professional staff.

Delivery, Set up, Service Staff & Cleaning - Includes our professional serving staff for the length of your event.

$30.00 Setup - Servers available for $35 per hour, per server

​$40 Delivery

Package #2

For 50 People

One 5 Foot Italian Sandwich

One Full Tray Italian Salad

Half Tray of Eggplant Parmesan

One Full Tray Baked Ziti

One Full Tray Penne Vodka

One Full Tray Chicken Parmesan

Half Tray Sausage & Peppers

Two Trays of Garlic Knots


​**No substitutions